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June 2012  “Goodbyes and Learning to Trust”
Summer 2012  “Harding Family Reunion”
February 2012    “Preparing for Ethiopia “GO TRIP”

December 2011  “Back from Ethiopia and Kenya”
September 2011  “A Summer to Remember”
July 2011 “Harding News Letter”
February 2011    “CALVARY ETHIOPIA”

December 2010    “Back from Ethiopia”
December 2010    “Back for Christmas”
November 2010    “Off to Ethiopia – Like Heading Home”
Fall update 2010    “Sharing Christ’s Love Among the Nations”
May 2010    “The Thrill of the Hunt”
February 2010   “Ethiopia and Kenya with Kyle and Margaret

Spring 2009   Ethiopia Trip

October 2008   Keep Heart
Summer 2008  Kara Embarks to Ethiopia
Spring 2008    Back from Africa
January 2008  The Korean Konnection

May 2007     Kyle’s Graduation

September-2006   Wedding Day
March 2006    Africa, Asia, Ethiopia and Family
January 2006   Back from India

November 2005    Africa and Canada
May 2005 – Missionaries and Accolades
May 2005   Kaia Birth Announcement
April 2005  – Guam and Thailand
March 2005 – A Pre Guam Family Gathering
Winter 2005 – Back in Ethiopia

Christmas 2004 – Sudan and Christmas Greetings
October 2004   “Thailand”
June 2004 “Lion’s Pride “

October 2003 “Little Bill Harding”

June 2001 From Ethiopia to Australia
Christmas 2001 Proud parents….  Ahem!  GRANDPARENTS

Elaine Harding’s Journey   A collection of thoughts and prayer requests during Elaine’s struggle with cancer. Evidence of God’s grace and the living testimony of one of His own.

Christmas 2000  Farewell, Ups and Downs, and Joy in Christ.
Summer 2000  On the speaking circuit for Christ, graduation, and a wedding!
January 2000  – Closure to our sixteen years of ministry in Ethiopia and a new beginning

July 1999  -The first Harding reunion in nine years
June 1999  -After Bill’s emergency surgery
May 1999   -Bill in trouble but The Lord was with us every step of the way…
May 1999– The exciting flight to Ethiopia
April-December-1999  -Mom’s trial with cancer

December 1998 Great to be back in Charlotte after three and a half years…
October 1997  – An incredible story of faith with a Sudanese Uduk refugee
December 1996  – The numerous “passages” we experienced this year.
July 1996 – National Park, Witchdoctor and the Baptism of a Son

May 1994 – Prayer Changes Things
December 1993 – The Bodi and Demi People
November 1993 -Precious Family and The Miracle of the Ukuks
March 1993 – SIM Celebrates 100 years in Africa!
December 1992 – Celebrating Family and The Harvest
August 1992 – The move to Addis Ababa
March 1992 – In Alex Fellows’ Footsteps
October 1991 – Home in Chaffe
August 1991 – Emotions Before Our Return
 June 1990 – Return after political turmoil

April 1989 -changes to our family situation

September 1988  -even after one of those bad weeks, God still teaches…

December 1987  -… SOMEONE IS PRAYING

April 1986  -Ryan had malaria and tonsillitis at the same time… the Lord prevailed.

August 1985    -A very special Vicky Mohler came to live with us as a summer missionary…
March 1985    -Kyle only six months old, has had over ten ear infections in four months

April 1984    -a few changes we have encountered: traffic, weather, cooking, poverty, family, home
December 1984    -God not only gave us the gift of His Son, Jesus, but also has allowed us the special joy of offering this Gift to others
September 1984   -KYLE DAVID–BORN AUG. 23 – 8 lbs., 14 oz. — 20 in. First American born in Yerga Alem Hospital.

April 1983    -the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor has approved our work permit for our ministry in Ethiopia

June 1982    -On May 5, 1982, we were appointed as missionaries to Ethiopia with Sudan Interior Mission.
November/December 1982   -this will be our last Christmas here in the United States for awhile

Christmas 1980   -Our sights are on Africa