Mursi People

mursi2For over ten years the SIM has worked in a culturally sensitive way with the Mursi people. The Mursi are a pastoral, nomadic people group that move with their cattle through the low, hot grasslands of the Rift Valley. Their traditions and their culture primarily revolve around their cattle. A major distinction of the Mursi is that many of the women wear hardened clay plates in their lips as well as in their ears.

Only in recent months has there been a spiritual break through where a few Mursi have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. We praise God for this spiritual victory.

mursi1Pray for the SIM team that live in Makki as they disciple the few Mursi believers and seek to bring them to maturity in Christ.

Pray that other Mursi would respond to the message of the gospel and that oneday a mature church would be formed.

Pray for a special grace for the SIM missionaries to cope with the intense heat, the remote living conditions and the intense spiritual battle that rages on.