Harding Bible School

On February 20, 2013, a team of 23 traveled to Ethiopia to participate in a Bible conference and the dedication of the Harding Bible School in Yirgachefe. Eleven were members of the Hardings family!


The 205 SIM related churches in the local area where Grace and Bill served have initiated and carried out this project. The celebrations and dedication of what God has done took place on Saturday, February 23.






My Dad, Bill Harding III, cut the ribbon for The Harding Bible School. He and my mom, Elaine, served in Yirgachefe for two years, 1981 and 1982, under the intense persecution of the evangelical church by communist cadres. How beautiful to see the fruit of ministry even in through dangerous and uncertain times. Praise be to the Lord of the harvest!



One of the more personal, emotional joys on this trip to Ethiopia was to participate in the public declaration of Kyle and Evan’s identity in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection through ordinance of baptism. Wow, it was a POWERFUL statement to the thousands of Ethiopians of the power of the gospel especially to the youth whom Kyle had grown up with.  The Ethiopian church leaders found the old, extracted tub that we used to bath Kyle and ourselves in and used that as the baptism pool.  How ingenious and significant!


Each of Kyle’s siblings, Drew (rt), Ryan (with cap), Kara and their grand father, Bill III,  gave testimony to Kyle and Evan’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Tear jerkers! Powerful!!

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