Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee (75 years) of the birth of the Gedeo church where we served for years in Yiragacheffe, Ethiopia.

Yes, Look and see the faithfulness of God drawing tens of thousands of Ethiopians to be part of the bride of Christ! I had the joy of being with my son, Drew, my son, Ryan and his family. We celebrated with over 30,000 who gathered in our front yard opening out to a pasture.  What joy as they worshiped and remembered the rescue of their souls from darkness to light through the person and work of Jesus Christ. It was and unforgettable and scintillating experience experiencing a taste of what heaven will be like!


Gavin, our grandson, was baptized in front of the 30,000+.

What a joy it was to baptize Gavin with his dad, Ryan and his dear friend growing up, Temuskin, a local pastor. The church leaders pulled out our old tube out of the forest that had been extracted for our home years ago. They put it on the platform and filled it with water. Gavin’s declaration of his identity with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection caused  a thunderous roar of the crowd and them bursting out with their joy cries and applause. It meant so much to them to see a fourth generation Harding declare publicly his identification with Jesus Christ. Praise be to God!


The Harding Memorial Bible College Dormitory and Office has come out of the ground!

It amazed us that all that you see is done by hand and no machinery; the chipping of the stone, the making of gravel, mixing cement, bending rebar etc. Thank you dear friends who have given for the construction of the project!

New Christ followers out of Islam

Over the past 11 years over 100,000 have come to Christ. Much persecution but much grace!

Hardings with Wubshet at his training center

Each year it is a joy to teach at this MMB training center.

South Africa

Drew, Janna and their family live in Stellenbosch, South Africa. They have five of our grand daughters. A mighty long commute to see one’s grandchildren! Drew and I  arrived the day that Kelty was to have her 17th birthday. She had invited 100 of her high school friends to her home for the event!. My two suitcase were filled with all the party goods including Chick-fil-A sauce, rice crispy treats etc   Over 400 chicken nuggets were devoured! It was rockin!!! It was so special to be reunited!

Drew took me to one of his favorite places, Hermanas, a destination famous for whale watching and world class restaurants. Such a special time! Thank you Lord!

We are so grateful for your generosity and prayers for us and our ministry. You have journeyed with us for the past 42 years . We are grateful to God for giving us the capacity and the extreme joy of serving Him.

Pray for upcoming meetings in Parkersburg, WV March 15-18 and Rock Hill, SC April. 14. 

Sending this with lots of love and thanksgiving!

In Him, with Him , for Him!

Bill and Grace

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WAXHAW, NC 28173