From the rural countryside to the crowded cities, God is at work in a wondrous way!

Having rained all night, we drove into a remote village, Haru, where over twenty years ago I was able to lead my water team to find a spring and run a 3-4 kilometers pipeline to bring fresh, clean water for the first time to these who had to walk for hours to get it.  There were very few believers then. With mud caked on our pants up to our knees, we navigated the inclines, slipping and sloshing, and managed to get to a gathering of 12 local churches who were celebrating communion together.  Over a thousand, they say, were in attendance with most on them outside of the building. Oh, my goodness, what a reception!  What a privilege to worship and share the word of God with these hungry hearts.  My son, Ryan and I shared our hearts and God’s Word in the Amharic language.