How wonderful to see the fruit of ministry and God’s gathering of His people in Ethiopia!

Hungry hearts for the Word of God

To witness 20,000 people sitting on the ground for three days in a pasture in front of our old house in Yirgacheffe was astounding! My Amharic came back strong as I shared the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  I was so humbled by the gracious response of these precious believers! 

Setting of the cornerstone for the dormitory of the Harding Bible School and church offices.

This event was witnessed by thousands with a great sense of anticipation or how the Lord will supply for His kingdom purposes and the options for having more students attend the Harding Bible School.


An architect rendition of the dormitory and office complex.

I was so blessed to see hundreds come forward to give toward this project.  If you sense God would want you to contribute to this project, please send your donation to SENAI GLOBAL, Drew’s non-profit. Checks can be sent to Senai Global, PO Box 133, Waxhaw, NC 28173 or go HERE  for online donations.


Water, Water, Water so desperately needed!

I was able to witness Drew and his water team insert solar run pumps to help distribute clean water to over eleven thousand people. This was a flash back to what I did in my early years in Ethiopia under a communist regime.


Children like this cute little girl will no longer have to walk miles to carry water back to their homes.

The water team is able to share the Spring of Life, the Lord Jesus, as they live in the community where they are making this provision of clean water for the local people.  Love it!

In these turbulent times, what will count for eternity? In these past two weeks I have witnessed the power of the gospel in the lives of thousands upon thousands of Ehiopians. Their lives have been transformed, they have eternity in their hearts and in the midst of challenges that life brings, they have the peace that passes all understanding found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ! All praise be to Him!

So many of you were praying for me in Ethiopia and for Grace on the home front.  Thank you so much!  I am still on cloud nine and in my next update, I will share more from my time in our beloved Ethiopia.

With lots of love and blessing!

Bill and Grace

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