Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Grace and I standing in front of 30,000 Ethiopians sitting on the ground for two days in a pasture in front of our old home.  They came to welcome us, our team and to worship the Lord Jesus and hear the preaching of God’s Word. Amazing!

What a great team Grace and Bill had!

Sean and Jennifer Myers, pastors Michael Walter, Tyler Clem. Also our son, Drew, who arranged all the logistics with two of our granddaughters, Kelty and Kerani. Each gave inspirational messages to eager and receiving hearts. The joy cries were heard! !


Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the
Harding Memorial Bible College

In the past ten years, there have been:
293 graduates
100 students in process
30 have become pastors
20 cross-cultural missionaries

The gift of a beautifully lit photo of my dad with good
friend Asfaw, our translator into the Gedeo language.

The cornerstone laid ten years ago, 2013,
now on the exterior of the Bible school.

Always time for some Yirgacheffe “boona”coffee!
The best!

A glorious time to reflect and debrief from all that transpired
in our lives and ministry in Ethiopia in the wilds of Masai Mara, Kenya.

Full of thanksgiving to the Lord for all that He has done!

Prayer and Praise:

Rejoice with us in praise to God in witnessing the power of the gospel and the fruit of ministry in Ethiopia.

Pray we will not forget the personal and eternal things that God has done and is doing in our lives as a result of this transformational mission trip to Ethiopia.

Continue to pray for peace in Ethiopia and the growth of the church in the context of political conflict, economic challenges and religious schisms.

We, Grace and Bill, wish to thank those who carved out time to travel with us. Our friendships have been strengthened and God’s grace manifested in powerful ways.

Thanks to all of you who prayed and gave that we might be able to go and see what God is doing in that part of His vineyard.

Please let us hear from you…just even a brief note letting us know that you are alive.

Every blessing!

Bill and Grace