A passion for business for the sake of kingdom expansion.

My twin brother, Joe, and I had the joy of leading a  team of Christian businessmen from the USA to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to explore opportunities for business as mission. As we visited the offices of church, government and business leaders, the doors began to fly open.

Matt Tarney of AEG, American Engineering Group based in Charlotte, NC was used in a powerful way to share how the application of solar charging and lighting devices could be a game changer for millions of Ethiopians off grid and the provision of many jobs through future assembly of the products. Some of the highest leaders in the land showed favor to Matt and exciting things are about to happen.

Jeff Risk and Les Porter of Global Cross Business Group were doing back flips as they witnessed the opportunities offered to them in various business sectors. The demand for evangelism and discipleship materials and audio and video of the Scriptures in local languages presented on a digital tablets called “The Parchment”, smart phones and micro SD cards was above and beyond expectation.  Will there be challenges?…Yes, but what a mighty God we serve!  The invitation and favor is there. Excited to see what will happen!