The photo above was taken ten years ago at the dedication of the Harding Memorial Bible School in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia where Grace and I ministered and raised our family. It was a banner day with over 20,000 in attendance!

On February 7, 2023 Grace and Bill will be taking off to celebrate the tenth anniversary. We will be with our son, Drew, and other guests for this celebration of God’s faithfulness. Over 300 of the graduates will be in attendance. It will be an amazing time of celebration as only they can do!

This is the view that we will have in just a few days. Over 30,000 are expected to attend the conference the Sunday after the dedication of the Bible School. Most of them very young.

We will have a few days in Kenya to reflect on all that transpired before heading home on February 19.

Please Pray for us:

  • For the preparation of heart and mind for the messages to be delivered.
  • For safety in the all the travel on land and air.
  • For good health as this will be first time to Africa some of our guests.
  • For all the logistics on the ground as the church leaders plan and carry out the program of these events.
  • That God would loosen Bill’s tongue to hold forth in Amharic.
  • That God would meet all of us in a special way.

So thankful for your prayers and support at this time.

Bill and Grace