Marvel at what God is doing in Ethiopia in triumph and tragedy!

Bill returns to preach in Yirgacheffe to an estimated 30,000 Ethiopians who gathered to hear the Word of God and worship extravagantly. Unforgettable!

Our team: L-R Tom Fulp from Charlotte, Hendrick Honda, Charles Nderitu East Africa Director for Global Childrens Network, based in Nairobi. Bill, Granddaughter Kerani (11)  and her dad, Drew Harding with Senai Global based in South Africa. Each gave powerful messages!

Kerani confidently shares her love for the Lord Jesus and asked her granddaddy for a little advice. So proud of her! A fourth generation Harding giving testimony to the power of the gospel! The crowd went wild! The shrill joy cry of “illita” li-li-li punctuated the air!

The church leader, Jonas Cheka, raises Kerani in celebration!

Immediately, hundreds of children rush to the stage to mob Kerani.  Where in the world is Waldo? I mean Kerani!

What a joy to go back to the boarding school, Bingham Academy,  where I attended grade school. Each of our four kids went there as well. I was invited to speak in chapel. The Spirit of God worked in a powerful way as I shared from Luke 15 on the Lost sheep, coins and son. About twenty stayed after to make decisions to follow Jesus! PTL!!

TRAGEDY! A dear, dear friend, Caleb Meakins was in a life threatening car crash. This photo was taken the day before the crash. He reminded me that he came to know his Savior, Jesus, at 6 years old after I preached at Bingham Academy years ago. He is a thriving entrepreneur, church leader and so gifted in many ways. He is in the hospital in Addis Ababa. We are in tears. PRAY!

LATEST UPDATE ON CALEB: February 28,2020 “Caleb is suffering no more. THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME..We don’t understand but we TRUST the Lord…even when we totally don’t understand. May the LORD RAISE UP an ARMY of Calebs from the seeds he planted! Such sorrow…such Hope …so glad that we do not travel alone!”  GRACE

Please pray for the following:

  • For all those mourning Caleb, his mom and his sisters and the rest of the family in shock in Ethiopia. 
  • for the great outpouring of the Spirit of God at the annual Yirgacheffe Bible Conference.
  • for the the hundreds of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus and for the discipleship process.
  • for those students who made life altering decisions for Christ at Bingham Academy.
  • for Bill’s return to Ethiopia on March 19 to help lead a sports outreach with soccer players from Marshall University and FBC Kenova, West Virginia.

Grace and I send this to you out of a sense of gratitude to the Lord and to you for your friendship and support for our family and ministry. Would love to hear from you!

Bill & Grace

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