The Report of the One Month of Evangelism Outreach prior to Graduation.

Before they had the graduation celebration, each student was assigned to spend one month in the most feared neighboring tribe who have homicide historically built right into the culture for marriage rites.  Yikes, I know the tribe well!

Yesterday,  I received the results from Ethiopia of the students’ courage in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Spirit of God worked in a powerful way in that month of reclamation out of spiritual darkness.

  • 7109 people heard the good news of the Gospel
  • 1297 men and women came to Jesus Christ (New believers)
  • 1236 men and women renewed (back sliders came again)
  • 5059 homes visited

Rejoice with the angels of heaven and with us for what God has done!

I felt compelled to get this out to you as soon as I heard.

Thanks for your friendship, prayers and partnership in making Christ known.

Bill and Grace