As SIM is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary this year, we are celebrating 35 years of:
Responding to need
Proclaiming the Gospel
Equipping the church

Rejoice and celebrate with us in the faithfulness of God and the incredible blessing it has been on this exciting and purposeful journey! We want to express our gratefulness to you for “holding the ropes”. Thanks, so much!




Coming up July 6-8, 2018: First Harding/Smith family reunion in almost 20 years and celebrating Dad’s 90th birthday!

Pictured above is our family in the the mid 50’s in Ethiopia. We arrived in Ethiopia in 1954. Can you tell which one is me, Bill IV? There will be 76 of us including 21 under the age of four! Family will be flying in from South Africa, Australia, Qatar and from all over North America! We will be gathering at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.  Please pray for safety in travel and a super time together. Look for photos in our next update.




In the past several days, there has been ethnic fighting in Ethiopia, south of where we served and still serve on an annual basis, in Yirgacheffe. Over three-hundred thousand Gedeo people have been displaced. Riots have erupted in other parts of the country like Hawassa, Wolkiti and Soddo.  The good news, today, is that the government and military have moved in and things are more secure.  Please pray for peace and reconciliation.