Summer Greetings from Bill and Grace /  August 2013


Preaching to the Nations







It was great to participate with speakers from around the world in the UBF, University Bible Fellowship, mission conference with over 3,000 students in attendance representing 95 countries. Hundreds of students gave their lives to Christ for the first time.  Hundred rededicated their lives or committed themselves to full time cross-culture missions.

Yirgachefe, Ethiopia.







What timing for Drew to be there to address the first graduating class of the Harding Memorial Bible School that was dedicated in February.   These Ethiopians, now trained in the word of God, will move forward to make Christ known among the nations.  Grace and I are planning a visiting the school in November.

#9 on the way anytime!








We are so excited!  Kyle and Margaret are about to have their first baby, our 9th grandchild, William Avery Harding.  He was due on August 5th but I guess the Lord has other plans.   Praying and waiting with anticipation.  We will let you know!

A time for celebrating!

August 5th was Kara’s, birthday. This date also marked our family’s departure with SIM to Ethiopia thirty years ago!  Who knew that this land and its people would be forEVER stamped on our hearts! Thank you, Lord