In the Lion we discover the power of Christ as an eternal king, and in the Lamb we find the grace of Jesus as an eternal savior.  Jesus Christ, as the Lion, conquered sin and death so that we could share in the glory of his eternal kingdom. This victory was made possible through His work on the cross, in which he stepped in as the innocent Lamb to be sacrificed for our sin once and for all.

In a disrupted world we need to hear the Lion roar.

This past weekend, I had the privilege to speak to what is called “SIM Send Off” for Sunday worship. These were made up of new SIM missionaries who have gone through all the training, raised their support in the context of a global pandemic and are launching to destinations around the world in the weeks to come. Their zeal and sacrifice to go so that others will have opportunity to hear the roar of the Lion, Jesus Christ, and receive Him as Savior and King of Kings was sensed in a powerful way.



On the road again!

Mission Conference at Eastside Community Church, Jacksonville, FL. This is the first conference to be face to face with a congregation in almost a year! On Friday, we had a Zoom call with all their missionaries sharing their reports and then had people in the congregation pray for them. A very powerful time! On Saturday morning, Bill spoke to the men and boys and Grace spoke to the women and girls. Saturday evening was a bon fire and sharing stories of personal testimonies. Bill preached in the Sunday morning service.

How wonderful to see God at work in the hearts of these people and to see the wonderful way the pastor and mission team is shepherding them.




How can it be? Our grandkids are off to university from South Africa to the United States!

KAIDEN has taken a gap year of biblical studies at The Master’s University in the LA area. This August she will be at Davidson College with a Field Hockey scholarship. The college is  near us so we will get to attend some of her matches. YEA!

KIRSI will be attending Wheaton College in the Chicago area on a Presidential scholarship beginning this August. Wheaton College is where our son, Drew, and his wife, Janna, attended.



  • Praise God for the great meetings we had in Jacksonville, Florida and for new relationships formed.
  • Pray for the new SIM missionary  families and singles heading to hard places around the world as they respond to need, equip the church and proclaim the gospel.
  • Pray for Kaiden and Kirsi as they transition into college life. Pray also for good friends for them.
  • Pray for parents, Drew and Janna, as they remain in South Africa and send their daughters across the sea. So, so heart rending!
  • Pray for our daughter, Kara, as she recoups from rotator-cuff surgery. Not fun!
  • Pray for God’s comfort of the pastor of our home church, Calvary Church, Charlotte, and his wife, John and Gudny Munro, in the sudden passing of their only son, Christopher, at 37, leaving a wife and four children, They are devastated! We grieve with them.

Does anybody know who these two hippy love birds are? You guessed it!  Bill and Grace in Panama when Bill proposed to Grace!  My how we have changed! Yep, we now have four kids, twelve grands and two are off to university! WOW!

What a fun, adventurous life and to see they all love the Lord Jesus, the Lion of Judah!

Bill and Grace


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