Something so basic, so vital for life, yet we take it all for granted.



It was in 1983 that Bill and Grace headed to Ethiopia at the height of one of the worst drought and famines in Ethiopia’s history. It was in that context, that Bill was able to drill wells and protect springs and get clean water for the thirsty masses. 80% of the diseases were water borne. This girl is a picture of the joy of getting clean water.


Bill with his water team leader, Ato Mungusha.

What is more biblical that offering a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus Christ!


On February 18 Bill takes off to Ethiopia with a Christian businessman from Charlotte, NC to share the Spring of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ with thousands of Ethiopian church leaders gathering for four days in Yirgachefe.


We will also be visiting a remote tribe called the T’ara people where Bill first took the gospel 14 years ago. The only reasonable way in is by helicopter. It is still one of the least reached groups of people in Ethiopia.


feb2013-6Praise God with us that Grace’s mom is doing much better in assisted living as witnessed by Grace, her sister and brother on a recent visit to Fort Myers, FL.

Rejoice with us that our son, Drew, and Janna and their five girls have arrived safely in Charlotte from two years serving in South Africa to begin leading With Open Eyes.

Pray for a great sense of the perpetual presence, power and protection of God as Bill and Fred seek to declare publicly the supremacy of Jesus and His heart to redeem a people for Himself.

 Rejoicing today in the unimaginable love of Christ, knowing that you stand and and kneel with us as we continue to press on in making Him known here in North America, Ethiopia and beyond.

With grateful hearts,

 Bill and Grace