As you think globally, what matters most?

In these uncertain times, we, SIM, are asking God to raise up workers for His global kingdom. Please click HERE

Thanks for praying earnestly for this!

Family is so vitally important especially with all the COVID-19 restrictions.

With restrictions lightening up, some of the family were able to really celebrate Father’s Day and our 45th wedding anniversary on June 21!  YAY!!!! We did miss family members in South Africa and some visiting in Arizona.

Kara, our daughter, was busy making all the arrangements. She prepared Ethiopian food (which takes a lot of work) , Yumm SO DELICIOUS! She also helped the kids make books to honor their, dad, Kyle.

What joy to see our grand kids give their gifts to their dad that they love so much! Here William and Meri Mae are showing their dad a picture book they had prepared for him.

We had three sets of bluebirds laying on their eggs but sadly died. Here Elizabeth Anne, Maggie Grace, and Meri Mae are totally fascinated by the leftover eggs in the nests that we had kept for them to see.

These tee shirts depicting our love for Ethiopia were a GREAT gift! They were purchased to help another family raise support to go with SIM to Ethiopia to teach at Bingham Academy where Bill and all our kids went to school in Addis Ababa. 


Celebrating 45 years of marriage! Praise be to God!

We wish to thank you for your love for us and for supporting us as you have done for so many years.

Bill & Grace

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